Friday, April 3, 2015


We've had some serious flooding around these parts the last day, but thankfully, we're above water and the sump pump has done it's job.

Just two weeks after the funeral for Ol' Mother Hubbard's father -in-law, I was back in my same spot, same church,  same day, but this time it  was my little's Grammer that we were honoring and sending off. She passed away Monday.  I think her desire to stay left with their Grandad.

Even in the sadness, a bit of sunshine breaks through. This sweet girl graced us with her presence for many  early Playdates.

She is a minister now, a wife and a new mama.  They just all grow up, don't they? She was at the funeral today.  Recently, when I sent a Playdate memo, I added her to the list.  She told me today that she was so excited to get the e-mail, and so honored that I invited her and her new little lovie to Playdate.  "Honored."  Wow!  Sweet.  Thank you Lord. I needed to hear that today.
I believe Mom is planning to move back home with Glenda on Sunday.  So happy she's feeling better.

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  1. I can imagine she was thrilled to be invited -- your play dates are legendary! Hope you had a wonderful Easter.