Saturday, February 7, 2015

Too Much New

No playdate pictures this week.  My camera has been hinting of trouble. I thought maybe the battery was just worn out, so I ordered a new one, but that was not the problem.  This was the last focused picture before its demise.
 Those chickie girls have decided spring must be on its way and are laying like crazy.
 You can still use the manual focus on the camera.  Well, it still snaps, but looking focused in the view finder and being focused are two very different things.
It is very telling of my age that I expect things to work for twenty years.  I still have the deep freeze we bought used when we married A. Long. Time. Ago.  I have the frig on the back porch we bought when we moved here.  I really don't understand the joy of new appliances.  I hate my latest stove and have no affection whatsoever for the latest washing machine ( yeah, 1st world problems I know).  Perhaps the silver lining is I won't have to dislike them long, as they won't last long.
So far this winter, my car, my iPod and my camera decided they'd had enough.  Ugh.  And this iMac, which to me should still be in infancy, isn't breathing too easy either.  I always fret over purchases for myself.  Handy Man has routinely harassed me about that old Passport for three years.  Thank the Lord,  she kept going, never left me sitting anywhere till I drove her to the car lot and bid her a fond farewell.
I likely would have driven that car till the wheels fell off, but when there was a light on, no mechanic could figure it out.  I had her to three different places for two weeks each last year, so it wasn't for lack of trying.  Sometimes when a person would ride with me, they would comment about one light or another being on.  As all of them were red or green, I just laughed and said my car believed in keeping the Christmas lights on all year.  This winter she added some new noises and glitches and when the tire guy said the rims or whatever, I'm not a car kinda of girl, were so corroded they were messing with the tires, I figured it was time to do the dreaded deed. I dislike buying cars more than buying appliances.  
I looked and looked, decided on one, but then decided I wasn't paying that, then looked and looked some more.  I finally found what I thought I wanted through CarMax, but it was in Illinois.  They shipped it here and we bought it.
So, a camera.  Probably I would've just bought a point and shoot, but a few weeks ago at Missy Toddles first birthday I tried to use my sister's new point and shoot, ahem, a totally different critter.  The Handy Man knows how much I enjoy my pictures and he wasn't hearing about a point and shoot.  So now I have a red car and a red camera. So, spending no more spending money will be my Lenten promise.


  1. hooray! i was just thinking yesterday this coming week might be a good quiche/fritatta week so I call dibs on a few! :-D

  2. We are alike in so many ways! I had to break down and buy a new fridge last year -- well I had to if I wanted cold food. The freezer side worked fine, just not the fridge side. While I do love my nice cold milk I have no love for the new fridge. And my car is a '91 Nissan and I refuse to sell it as long as it just keeps going.

    BUT a new camera -- THAT is exciting! And you have so many wonderful grands to photograph you really had to have a new one! Canon? Camera details, please!