Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Day Two of Snow and Ice

We actually had President's Day off, but would not have gone anyway.  Ol' Man Winter finally decided to pay us a visit.  I imagine we will at least have a delay tomorrow, when it is going to get really cold.
So, I'll stir up some fun memories of our Valentine Ball.
Every try to have  big Valentine Fun time with no red dye?  It can be done.
 Ceece was playing with the special effects of my new camera which is a Nikon D3300.
 Time for some smooth dance moves.
 A partner change.
 Push Ups?

 All the comments during these photo shoots crack me up. "No, turn your head the other way."  "Get your head in the hole."

 Wee Will looks serious and Giddy-Up looks like the arrow found its mark.

Ahhh, happy for some smiles this frosty morning. 

Auntie G-Lou will head to surgery at 7:30 in the morning.  I appreciate prayers on her behalf.

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  1. Love the pictures -- love the light box -- really takes me back. So did Missy Bugg get glasses? She looks so studious and beautiful in them.