Saturday, February 28, 2015

Snow Blanket

Currently, snow still covers the area, though roads are clear and we did go to school every day this week.  Though I accomplished little in the housekeeping department, I did do some fun crafting during school cancellations.  Too much time and I get too many crazy ideas.  I recently received Margaret Bloom's new peg doll book and the little dragon first caught my eye.  To me, he looked a lot more complicated than what I've done to date, but I decided to give it a whirl.  On his back is a little pocket.  Here, the pirate is perched on top, but actually, he can ride inside the pocket.
So, this took awhile and whilst I stitched and dreamed up a story about this little pirate PeeWee.  I decided to write the story and send it to Giddy-Up, who along with his Mama, was suffering some serious cabin fever.

For whatever reason, Giddy-Up is averse to letters. Reminded me of my teacher friend's child who would have nothing to do with crayons or pencils. At the end of kindergarten, he still marked his  name as one backward initial.  And..... he has a doctorate in astrophysics.  Margaret just had black stitching for a closed eye. While I liked that overall look better, Giddy-Up likes faces with all their parts.  

 Peg dolls with no faces hold no interest for him. I figured he'd prefer a dragon with open eyes.
   In addition to the story, I included tiny markers, with a challenge from PeeWee to find the letter "p."

What you can't see in the picture is a tiny snap hidden behind Smoke's ear and in his pocket, so he can be attached to strings and be launched into the atmosphere.
Also, in the above picture,  you can't see the uniform requirements for operating a dragon.

This was a most entertaining Playdate.  Giddy-Up has never favored dress up either.  Once in awhile, he's allowed his girly cousins to adorn him in cape and crown, but that's about it.  Oh my, what an about face this week.
Hello Fairy Godmother Bride!

My sweet Mr. Smiley was enthralled with all these shenanigans.

 He drew the line when it came to the costumery.  "You aren't dressing me up like a fairy."
Headed to the hospital this morning, where Auntie GLou has been fixed up with a picc line and will need antibiotics daily to combat the staph infection she encountered.  Spent last evening with Mom. She's hanging in.


  1. I love how much fun kids have posing for the camera -- at least at this age! The dragon is so cute and the fact that it flies -- that must be one happy little boy!

  2. A red button eye? How perfect!! Your dragon and pirate turned out great, and I love seeing how your little grand-fellow is having fun with them!!

    Thanks for saying hi on my blog and cluing me in to the festivities over here.

    No more bizarre medieval peg dolls on my blog (at least for a while), I promise!!