Saturday, February 14, 2015

Love is in the Air

I do not know why I find these silly things so entertaining.  I suppose because young and old all step up to stick their head in to get a picture, and young and old laugh themselves silly in the process.  Then I stick it on iPhoto and play a slide show and we all laugh our selves silly again.  A lot of bang for your buck in the good time dept.  I will add some more pictures of the big Valentine dance and head shots, but for this Valentine's Day let me say, I love that smiling cherub Handy Man.  I'm happy to wake up beside him. I'm excited for our hot date to the WC lounge.  I'm blessed to have such a helpmate as he is.

And this boy, well, he makes my heart sing.
He is the dearest, sweetest child.  Look at those dancing eyes.  Mr. I Can Walk Around the Furniture, say, "Mama," and "Nite, Nite," wave bye and sign more and wrap me right around his tiniest finger.

Big Brother is coming this evening, after the hot date, to spend the night, so he can see his cousins swim tomorrow.
Speaking of hearts, Auntie G-Lou has suffered quite a major heart attack.  They were able to place a stint immediately, and hope she can have a few days to recover from that before doing big surgery.  She is my mom's primary caretaker, so my family, on several fronts, is once again in need of prayer and direction.
I hope a little sweetness drops into your day.

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  1. That little face would capture anyone's heart! I'm keeping good thoughts for your aunt. Happy (belated) Valentine's Day!