Sunday, September 7, 2014

We Fought the Deer

And the deer won.  One of my most frustrating gardening experiences ever. None of our tricks worked this year. We could not keep those critters out of the garden.
We are  picking the last of the tomatoes.  I just never tire of fresh garden tomatoes, though  most of mine this year have come from the Farmer's Market.  Tonight I fixed a macaroni salad with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, celery, etc. I love, love, love summer food.  Most of breakfasts this year have been a piece of toast with a tomato slice on top. Kind of instant bruschetta.  We had bacon and tomato for lunch.
Apparently, and thankfully, deer aren't overly  fond of potatoes.

Here we have potatoes that are purple inside and out, red inside and out, yellow inside and out and red outside, white inside.  Yummy.  

The  uppity bee garden has really taken off.  So much so, that if we have some good rains this fall, I'll divide the hyssop and mountain mint and move it to the down garden.  Then, I'll just grow bee stuff I guess. Bambi isn't fond of mints or herbs and bees are. Too much time and money for it all to be eaten up by deer to keep planting and spraying and fencing, etc, etc.
We hatched three babies out of eight eggs at school.  I was not disappointed. We just had coop full this spring.  I'm expecting eggs from the new girls any day.
On a dime the frightful, muggy heat vanished. This week the weather is expected to be glorious. I was still able to walk outside in the mornings, but the dreadful afternoons drove us indoors.  I'll be so happy to get back out.

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  1. I am pretty sure you sent that hot humid weather to me! But then it figures -- Amara's school opened late this year and it doesn't seem to matter when school starts the first couple of weeks will be HOT. We're having low 90s and it is so humid -- and we just aren't used to it. Feels like I'm back in Michigan! I'm like you in that I love summer foods and this year we have even had GOOD peaches at the store! yeah!!! Hope you have a great school year!