Saturday, September 13, 2014

Just a Blue Eyed Boy

It it isn't often I get to sneak away from my own classroom to be part of Grandparent's Day and never before with this guy, but this year I did.
I was at this school with the bunnies once for Linee and Antebellie, but they've since changed locations.  It was a very fitting environment for a four year old.

 We painted our hands to create a family tree.

Next he worked with his Grandpa to fancy up a card.

He showed me all the favorite places he likes to play before I left. 

Meanwhile, back at the ranch my students completed their Punch and Judy puppets and did a great job putting on a show for their reading buddies.

The weather here is just delicious.  I've been out weeding and digging bulbs for a friend. I'm excited to go to Hemlock Cliffs tomorrow.


  1. So glad you got to spend fun time in the classroom as a Grandma and not a teacher -- although Grandmas certainly are both! I do love your puppets!