Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Take Four of the Papperly Chronicles

Gee, I am so far behind.  A week ago Monday, Pap picked up Blue Eyes for his date.  He was thrilled with his little fishy.  When he brought his fish in, I filled a bag with ice and put it inside another bag and opened it for him to drop the fish in.  He asked us why we were putting them on ice.  Pappy told him it would put the fish to sleep.  As he slid them in the bag he exclaimed, "Oh Boy! You're going like this."  Pappy said he told him several times while fishing that if something wakes you up in the middle of the night, you have to check your fire alarms.  I'm guessing it was fire safety week in pre-K.

 He ordered pancakes for supper. Pancakes with chocolate chips.  Here they go.

 Time for chores again.

 In addition to fishing and pancakes he requested a nature walk.  This surprised me somewhat as he lives someplace quite like our place only with a much newer house and much neater garden, but hey, nature walks are always good by me.

He loved popping the touch me nots and wanted to plant the seeds that popped out.

 We have touch me not seeds planted everywhere. Again, fine by me.
 I told him seeds come all different ways and we wandered over to check out the corn seeds.
He couldn't believe that those brightly colored seeds could pop and wanted to try that out.  I had to slip away to Bible study, so I turned that job over to Pap and reminded him to get a picture.
The next morning I downloaded the pictures and there were no popcorn piks.  I texted Pap and said, "Dude, where are the popcorn pictures?"  Crack up. He said Blue Eyes had to potty- right now, the popcorn was starting to pop and the phone was ringing.  Then, music to my ears he texted, "I don't know how you do it all."  
Ahh, with a lot of help from a Handy Man and sometimes a Blue Eyed Boy.

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  1. What a sweet and well deserved compliment!

    Looks like you had another successful date!