Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September Perfection

Ahh, a perfect weekend to celebrate my birthday.  I did not cook, at all, for four whole days! That in its self would have been wonderful, but there was much more wonderful besides.  Because I needed to work on the actual day and had Bible Study in the evening, we started the fun with a Sunday morning hike to Hemlock Cliffs.
I've only been in the spring and none of the other family besides Handy Man have gone. I wanted to see it in the fall as well as experience it through some little eyes.
This boy is thrilled to be snuggled up warm and tight with his Papa, ready for the hike.

And Giddy-up is ever ready for an adventure.  This was a huge chunk of sand stone, that folks have rubbed into a big pile of sand.  You could see the layers and in fact, pick them up and squish them into sand. Perfect for driving your car around in.

Though not as numerous as in spring, there were still flowers to be found and lots of interesting fungi.

Lots of spots to stop and have a rest and a snack and a smooch.

Up the side of the cliff  and into the cave like opening, where charcoal was found for drawing.

I think hobbits would live here most happily.  Can't you picture it?

 A good place for a  hand holding stroll.

 And every boy's delight- a pond, with frogs and turtles and boatmen and warm squishy mud to stick your feet in.

 We headed back home to enjoy some more sunshine, some deewishus homemade lemon birthday cupcakes,  and Mr. Smiley's very first ride in the dolphin swing.

 Hey, Gramerly, I like the feel of this bright green stuff.

 Oh, you didn't know?  Why yes, I am sitting up all by my lonesome at only four and a half months. So big!
So lovely.
Then Bean and Bugg, Ceece and the Captain came by with homemade tortilla chips and salsa, a so cute Gramerly bag and sweet homemades from Bean and Bugg.

I met up with Ol' Mother Hubbard and her crew, along with sister Tish for a quick bite and yummy strawberry pretzel salad before heading to Bible Study. There was a balloon guy and Miss Linnee is simply fetching in her party hat.

So very much sweetness in so very many ways made for a most wonderful day!

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  1. Your world is filled with so many wonderful smiles! I don't mean to be jealous that you have so many of them to fill your heart, but maybe just a little bit. That new Mr. Smiley is just about the cutest thing ever and I can sure see why he has stolen your heart.