Friday, September 26, 2014

And Number Three

So, we actually managed three dates last week. Pap and I were on roll.  Last Friday night was Baby Boy's date night.
As with the first two, this began at the Ol' Fishin' Hole.  Woo Hoo, what a catch!
 I was not sure we'd be able to fill this little mister's wish list, but we kept pressing on.  He wanted to build a fire and cook his ravioli over his fire, so we did.

I thought putting the noodles in the sandwich maker might be better than try to hold them over the fire on a stick.  It worked pretty well.
 Ahh, chores must be done even on date night.  Feed the pooch and chicks.
 Gather the eggs.

Another wish was for a science experiment.  We turned liquids to a solid that he then referred to as 
"floppy dough."  
We usually call it GAK, but floppy dough is fairly accurate.

 Next, it was out to Pap's shop for some serious woodworking. First you have to trace your pattern on the wood.  How about a sword?

Next, the skill saw, Pap giving us woodshop rules all the while to keep us safe.

 Next the sanding.  My man Baby Boy was most serious about the whole process.
 Well, till we got to the rubbing on of bees wax.  He told me it smelled like bee farts.  I said that I wasn't sure I had smelled bee farts, but it did remind me of honey.

Next, it was time to embellish the sword with the wood burner.

Tah dah, all date wishes duly filled and so ends the week of marathon dates with one tired Gramerly and Pap.


  1. You have certainly celebrated 3 very wonderful date nights! They will never forget their one on one time with both of you.

  2. Oh the bee farts made me lose it. I love that kid!