Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy Wishes for the New Year and Beyond

I sent New Year's cards this year of the Gramerly and Gwanfader Garage Band.  Would love to have one with them all together, but lands there are a lot of them.
 Some interesting playing of guitars in this picture.

Wow, five kidlets, with git-fiddles all looking the same way, and smiling.  Wow, that's all I'm saying.

One more person has an instrument, but I'll share that when he's finished building it.

Speaking of wow, my child has long impressed me with her tenacity.  I wonder, if after reading Rae's story, you wondered what the hurry was since Giddy-up is only two.  I wouldn't blame you. For one, she wanted them close, but mainly, because she's a bit bohemian and hippie and very granola (wherever did she get that) and into being proactive health wise,  so she wanted to nurse this new baby.  You stand a lot greater chance of that when you are already nursing.
Well, Giddy-up isn't nursing any longer, so she's been exploring other avenues. 
 So the story I'm about to tell is a little nuts, as in squirrels and nuts actually.  In addition to the above adjectives, she's also a penny pincher. Not much choice there when you are in a position to only be able to build your family through adoption.  Anyway, she finds this little bottle with a piece of feeding tube that you use while nursing. The baby is getting fed, while nursing, until your milk is up to par.  Only it costs $77 for a little bottle with some rubber tube- really?  Anyway, she ain't paying that, so they research some more and find out they can make it from, well, a little bottle and a piece of feeding tube- imagine. Only you can't just up and buy some rubber feeding tube, because it is a medical supply and you need like a prescription-really?  I mean have we learned some evil for pieces of tubing?  I digress.  As I said, tenacious this one. She finds some, yes she does, at Chris's Squirrel Supplies which is, as we speak, awaiting this holiday to pass and shipment to resume for the squirrel tubing to wing its way to her door. Nuts!
I hope lots of wonderful comes winging to your door in 2014 minus the nuts. Wait, that would exclude a lot of wonderful nuts in my life, so bring it on.

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  1. Just LOVE your band -- both pictures! I think those guitars were a wonderful gift!

    Sure hope they get that new little girl!