Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Warning- Attitudinal Negativity

There are a bunch of folks I know going through a bunch of different hard times, which makes me feel guilty for taking up space to be a big whiney ass, but I  am so frustrated!!
I lost my change purse.  If only I used it for change, well then I'd still be sad, because it is repurposed leather that I bought at a craft fair, it's cute and the perfect size and it isn't like I can run out and get another one.
But,  and it's a big BUT- it is not  my change purse, it is my whole purse, yes, that's it, all I've got.  It has money, not a ton thankfully, credit cards, library card and my license.  And we're expecting a baby, so there are plane tickets to be purchased and ID's to show and I HAVE NOTHING.

I was at Kroger yesterday.
See, my mom didn't get to making a jam cake over the holidays and asked me to make one for her. Since I ended up being out of school because everything here and yon was solidly frozen, I decided I had better get her done.  We've talked about this. I can't make a pretty cake to save my life. They just lean people. I don't know why. I tried everything with this cake. I tried to shove it back upright, but it wouldn't go. Go ahead chuckle.
I mean seriously, it looks like something from a mad hatter's tea party.  Ugh. Well, yesterday afternoon I braved the elements and took it to Mom.  Thankfully, it tasted good to her and she really enjoyed it.
I decided since I was already out to do the grocery shopping.  I forgot the zucchini and had to go through the check out the second time.  I hate backtracking worse than cake making and have been known to change my menu on a dime to prevent going back after something, but yesterday, I persevered and what did I get for my effort, a lost change purse. 
You see, at school, everything is locked up like Fort Knox, so I have to have my keys with me at all times.  I also have an ancient flip dumb phone, because I often have my kids out of the building and I need to know what time it is or to call if a kid got hurt.  This necessitates always having pants with pockets.  So, if one must carry keys and phone, might as well stick the important stuff in a change purse in your pocket with said dumb phone and tah dah, your done.  I don't smoke or need to redo my lips multiple times a day and I find that purses are just things for me to forget somewhere, and they just grate on my nerves.
So, this is a first for me.  I've searched the car, Cluckingham Palace, every nook and cranny at least three times. I've gone through the trash.  I called the store- nothing.  There  is no activity on my credit card that isn't mine.  I want to scream.  So, I've never done this before, but I  guess I'll figure out how to get a new license and new cards.
All you playdaters, I hope the spaghetti, made with that zucchini is worth it.


  1. Not to take their side but what is spaghetti without zucchini in it? Oh I do hope you find your coin purse. That is the worst! PS Bet that cake tasted yummy and that really is what matters!

  2. Did you search your car? I lost my dumb-phone (lol!) once and there it was - slipped between the seats!
    Kc told me to visit you because you are funny - she is always right!