Monday, January 6, 2014

Reverse Again

This post is way late. I can't believe it's already the sixth of January.  Bean and Bugg came as usual on New Year's Eve.  Bean's tenth and Bugg's eighth New Year's with Pap and I.  The last couple of years found us snuggled around a fire, but this year it was only 14 degrees. Bean asked as soon as he arrived if we were having a fire and was sadly disappointed with my answer.  I was sad too, but warm.  I did manage to keep them entertained from six to midnight.

Bean brought along some fish patterned material and a desire to make a pillow, so received his first instruction on a sewing machine. I ripped off an edge to make it straight and it was confiscated and used on his head.

Following the sewing lesson was a rousing game of Pop the Pig-new to me.  I've decided these overnighters are instrumental in keeping me up to date culturally.  Not only learning new games, but finding out the names and popular songs  of stars when we watch the ball drop.  I get a bit behind due to my propensity to ignore the fact that we have not only a television, but cable as well. I care not.

It is always necessary to do a little science experimenting.
 Hmm, will the alien grow for one more New Years?  Appears he will. I just took him out today to dehydrate till next year.

 Of course there is popcorn and movies.  We enjoyed Shirley Temple in Littlest Colonel. Henry Clay is Bean's favorite character and Bugg reminds me that people say she looks like Shirley.
We did venture out for poppers and  sparklers.


And, as the hour grew near some silliness with Duck Dynasty calls and hats.  Duck Dynasty was another thing I learned about from Bean and Bugg last year.

Happy New Years with some sparkling berry juice.

They could have gone on and on, but I was worn out and New Year's Eve came to a close, with a powdery prayer and a tuck into bed.

As soon as Bugg woke up she asked if we were making "Blessing Balls"- crack up. It's Blessing Gems darling, gems. 

 Still a sleepy head in the bunch.

It was a big time.
I'm out of school today due to the severe wind chill of 25 below.  It is cold.  The call just came that we're off tomorrow as well. And, in highly unusual turn of events, we don't have to make it up. Hurrah!

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  1. Glad you don't have to try and fight the elements! Love all your wonderful pictures, I miss the days of watching Shirley Temple...