Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy Anniversary

Last Saturday found me in the company of a handsome boy so the mama and papa could have a day in celebration of their fifth anniversary.
Did I tell you I just love two year old boys?  It turned out to be a rather warmish day for this very wintry December. Not quite in the 80's like the day his mama and papa married, but nice enough to be out and about.
First though was some concrete mixing.
 About half way through mixing, it clearly occurred to him that some of this stuff was edible and he needed a taste.

Wasn't long before the great outdoors was calling and we needed to spend some time throwing rocks.  Just for curiosity's sake, I'd love to know how many rocks I've collected for the joy of throwing.  That's the great thing about a creek.  I will pick up every good size rock in the area, but the next big gully washer that comes through will deposit another pile for throwing.

Sometimes we find a treasure that we don't throw, but we take to Pappy.  After everyone is outfitted with safety glasses, we find out what's inside.
More of God's amazing creation. Look at how it sparkles in the sun.

 After Geology 101, a little swinging is in order.
 Next, bobbering-Gardner E's name for Bean's affection for casting and reeling with nothing but a bobber.  It appears Giddy-up will follow in his footsteps. Bean, by the way, is tying flies and has moved on past simple bobbering.
 After lunch and nap, time for a bit of crafting. First an anniversary card for mama and papa. I thought we were making a flower, but no, says Giddy up, "It's a butterfly."  So it is.
We continued gluing wood shapes on these squares.  For the last one, he pulled out way more shapes then there was room on those squares.  He said, "All these."  I replied, "I'm not sure all these shapes will fit on this little square."
Obviously, there is more than one way to do it.

Well, my break is coming to a close. I've loved the time I've spent with my wee ones. as well as some much loved time with friends and family.  I fear things like cleaning the chicken coop and the refrigerators have been sadly neglected.  
Hey, I'm distracted.  It is so exciting to know we might soon have a new baby girl, but lands, it also unnerving.  Trying to make plans, find a place to stay, wait for final word on birth date, fret over your kid, etc.  
Many of you know I have a real problem with vertigo.  I can get sick window shopping.  I will be doing everything proactive that I can. I already have patches, ginger candy and lavender oil. I also have a problem turning over my classroom for a week.  Prayers will help.  Less than three weeks now and off we go.


  1. How very exciting for all of you! I have a feeling you aren't getting much sleep these days! Soon!

  2. I am having a hard time sleeping. It is very exciting.