Saturday, April 20, 2013

Spring is Busting Out All Over

So happy to head for the front door this morning and see the red light on. Since the Handy Man painted our front door barn red (my favorite color) and the sun is up and perky, the keyhole looks like a little red light.

Mr. Sun did not disappoint.

The morning sun hits this front corner of the Top Bar hive.  By nine the bees in this hive were busy.
I scatter scratch for the chickens in the mornings in hopes of deterring honey beetles.  There is nothing they love better than larvae.

I'm blessed to have a small creek and woods where I work.  I frequently haul the children down there to be silent observers of whatever is happening.
 Thanks to Gardner E., who's contributed wildflowers and expertise to this little wooded glen, there is a lot to see at the moment.
 There are bluebells, star chickweed, and different anemones blooming their wee heads off and the children look and sketch.
 Here Gardner E. brought some Lily of Valley to add to the wild garden.
After planting, we checked on our bluebird box. It was exciting to see a completed nest.

It was disappointing to see that something else had been there, and a broken egg was on the ground.
I have had bluebirds here at the house for about five years. This year, all I'm doing is cleaning out 
"O bad pehwoe's(sparrows)" nests. 
Hope you enjoy some loveliness on this beautiful spring day.


  1. What a wonderful and inspiring teacher you must be.

  2. Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures! It is so fun to see spring everywhere. I love that Gardener G planted some lily of the valley! They will always be one of my favorites and another plant I can't grow in our heat... Glad I get to share yours!