Wednesday, April 10, 2013


It's been a busy and somewhat stressful few weeks.  I was thinking about life.  In my logical mind I know that people get sick, they get cancer, they have accidents, they have mental illness, they forget you once shared an important relationship,  and there is not a single thing I can do about.  Still, when it happens unexpectedly or one thing on top of another, I have some real trouble finding my joy.
That isn't exactly true. I've always been a "stop and smell the roses" kinda girl.  I truly find joy everywhere, but it's like cotton candy and disappears just as quickly.
Tomorrow Aunt SuZQ has surgery to remove a lobe of her right lung.  Auntie G-Lou, who cares for my Mom has a terrible, painful infection.  Aunt Lois has been in the hospital twice this year already.  Though still as bright and sassy as ever, some vital parts have given an impending resignation.  She and doc agree that she's through with being pinched and poked.  I don't blame her one bit- still....
I can't give myself fully to my students, so for my peace of mind I need to be where Lois is and where I can get to Sue.  Mostly, I've managed to shove my Rocky Horror Picture Show Kaye and Raechel memories in a far back corner, where I threaten them to stay put.  That's easier when someone else I love isn't in the hospital.  Then of course, I have the worst time ever leaving my students.

Anyway, when I was thinking of all this a memory popped in my mind. Bean was at my school then and it was the Christmas program.  All the wee threes lined up singing the Christmas carol "There Was a Little Baby."  On the front row was a chunky little red head in a too big dress shirt and tie.  The song goes-
There was a little baby
Oh my Lord
Way down in Bethlehem
He didn't sing anything at all except the line, off key and very, very loud, "OH MY WARD!"
Oh my is right. It was the cutest thing ever and I laughed until I cried.
So, I've decided on a personal campaign to engage in that I will call, "Oh My JOY!"
Then when life comes, as it will, and I can't find my joy anywhere, I can find some here.
I'd love to know what brings you joy as well.
Mr. New to Two loving his "Hiretruck" from his Gramerly. "Woo, Woo."
 That Handy Man of mine doing something fun just for the fun of it.
 Spring busting out all over with something those bees of mine will love.
 Daffodillies in all their fancy fluff and fine fragrance.
 Garlic peeking at me- yeah now, that's what I'm talking about.

Your thoughts and prayers that I so appreciate.


  1. My thoughts and prayers are with you. No matter how hard you try sometimes, it isn't easy to keep the smile glued in place.

    I have something that brought me joy today -- Amara made honor roll again. My life is good.

  2. Oh My Ward, what a cute story. Here's to finding your joy. Sometimes at night when I am going to sleep, I think about the most precious moments of the day - the braids in Mia's hair as I take her to school or the latest thing one of the kids said or did. My thoughts are with you.

  3. Just catching up on reading your stories and looking at your beautiful pictures brings me joy! Recent joy in my house involved my daughter making a lemon meringue pie for my birthday from SCRATCH! You would have been proud ;-) Spending time reading, talking with and playing with my grandbabes brings me joy every single time! Blue playdough making on the schedule for Wednesday. I pray for SuzieQ that her recovery will be better than she thought it could be. Love you!