Sunday, April 21, 2013

Seeing What I Wanted to See

A few different things clue you in that all is well in the hive.  If the queen is laying, those babies have to be fed continuously, which means a continual flow of pollen into the hive.  I've never been able to see anything in those very wee back legs.  So today, I put on my glasses, a long sleeved white shirt and just sat with the camera and stared.  Those girlies did not disappoint.
 Who knew pollen came in so many colors and flavors.

 As soon as the sun warms their little corner of the world there is a continuous flow of bees going in and bees coming out.
 Also, lots of worker brood and little drone brood should be apparent.  Well, as of yet, I did not know the difference in worker brood and drone brood, but as soon as I peered in my viewing window, I saw a significantly larger cells being built on the bottom of this comb, just where the books says it should be be.

 Oh My JOY
It's seems with all of our current technology, personal pieces of snail mail are few and far between, and certainly seldom do I receive ones handmade with such care.  I love it.
And the quote from a Mary Elizabeth Sangster on the back
"Never yet was a springtime when the buds forgot to bloom"

I stayed home all weekend and about worked myself to exhaustion, but the car is cleaned out, many shrubs trimmed, bunny cage clean, hives checked, seeds planted, chicky poo spread around,  laundry done and on and on.  I'm so grateful for the time, beautiful weather and a Handy Man to share it with.  What did you do this weekend?

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  1. Your bees pictures are just amazing! Thank you for sitting there for us! I had fun a few years ago taking pictures of the bees when my giant sunflowers were blooming and they would just get covered in pollen.

    As for what we did this weekend -- we celebrated Amara turning NINE! Where is the time going?