Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Visting Continues

 My little Giddy-up loves boxes of all sorts.  Bean and Bugg decided to decorate one of his boxes, while Aunt Lois looked on.  Giddy-up chose a pen.

Ahhh, alas, something catches his eye. What could it be?
 The vent cover. Should I or shouldn't I?  I'm afraid it was too alluring and down the pen went.
 Thankfully, he was distracted by making sure everyone was wearing their hat.  Even Aunt Lois had a bonnet, but did not wish to be photographed as Sunbonnet Sue.
 Lastly, Davy Crockett.  I sure he roamed the area in just such a hat and a yellow diaper.


  1. I remember as a little girl how fascinating those floor vents were! Great pictures and looks like a great time, too!

  2. Such cute pictures! And a good job of capturing how a toddler rolls!