Sunday, October 14, 2012

Little Miss Personality

A Shirley Temple Spotting ( kind of like an Elvis sighting) at the Harvest Homecoming yesterday. Missy Bugg competed in Little Miss Harvest Homecoming and was awarded Best Personality. 
 That's true of course, she is Miss Personality Plus.
 She was also the cutest, just sayin'.
 And, since the rules said to wear your fall best, she was also the best dressed.
 I was excited for our Indiana to Afghanistan project to come full circle. I received this picture of the Captain and his team from him yesterday. My kiddos at school will be so happy to see it.
His favorite holiday, being a bit scroogish, is Harvest Homecoming.  I've really felt a little bluesy this weekend, him missing Bugg and the food he loves. So, it was nice to get this yesterday.
I sent him a Harvest Homecoming Box, with honey crisp apples, caramels, pecans, instant apple cider, bullion, chix and dried noodles (faux chix and dumplings) and candy corn and peanuts, with a prayer that it would arrive as promptly as the banner ( a record six days).  I stuffed some colored leaves in there as well.  Not quite sure how I'll manage Thanksgiving, ha!
I have really loved having a fall break.  My next weeks will be so very hectic (conferences, open house, science fair, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, Gingerbread Party, Christmas Musical and, of course Christmas, so it will be back to twice a week postings, on a good week.
We're off!


  1. Congrats to Missy Bugg! She does look perfect in that dress -- which is awesome!
    Glad your beautiful banner arrived. You and your students have every right to be proud!

  2. so glad your package got there. Have a happy fall. What a pretty and talented little girl.