Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Smiling Big

Gee, I'm tired and I've only just begun.  This is conference week. I've done six, and have sixteen to go. Back in the day (3 year ago), students went home at noon on a Thursday and Friday to allow conferences.  Now, conferences still have to be done, but in the evening, and morning and at lunch in my case.
So, no Playdate for me this week.
I look back at the slip and slide sweet smiles pictures and relive all those giggles and it makes me smile big, but
then I remember that next week is Halloween and that I need to order big  cookies for Ol' Mother Hubbard's poopies, because there Granny isn't here to do it.  She went into the hospital for the last time on Halloween last year, but
I dropped off the cookie cutter I wanted used to fashion some sticky sweet goodness and the Cookie Ladie's Hubby let me pick a sack full of smiles in the form of red and green tomatoes, but
I miss that grown up Captain kid of mine, but
he not only received his Harvest Box in just a week, but seemed to enjoy it and I've gotten three e-mails this week, almost like having a conversation.
And on Friday, we kept Gideon and watching him dance, minus his clothes and diaper, but with the addition of a lard bucket on his head made me smile big.
Saturday's Fiber Arts Fair full of fluff and stuff that I absolutely love with a friend I love just as much was a big smile for true.
And I think back to Rae-Rae's best friend, tying the knot with her man in a beautiful outdoor ceremony, and I smile some more.

Okay, I can do this.
Hoping for some smiles for you this week.


  1. Aren't you glad you have all of those pictures of all of those smiles to get you through everything! Good luck with the conferences!

  2. Your post made me smile, too.