Monday, October 8, 2012

Potato Candy

Today was visiting day.
 After I picked up Bean and Bugg we headed to Granny Wandy's.  I had packed their hats from bygone eras, a sun bonnet, coon skin cap, and a union cap.  I thought baby Giddy-up might enjoy pretending with Bean and Bugg when we visited there later in the afternoon.
I had history on my mind because I'm taking Bean and Bugg to Conner Prairie in the morning.  I planned to talk to them about all the periods of history we'll visit on our trip.
So we get to Mom's and Aunt G-Lou has an exciting project up her sleeve- potato candy. Have you ever had it?  It's actually like a peanut butter fudge, made in a pinwheel.  It was a part of every childhood Christmas I can remember.
I told Bugg she needed to put on her hat because this was a recipe from way on back. We get her bonnet on and Auntie G-Lou comes out sporting one of her own.

 Bugg loved playing in the powdered sugar, but wasn't so sure about it when it was gooky.
 Time to roll out the dough.
 Yeah, time to roll up they candy.
 Bean wanted a turn rolling some out as well.  He wanted some blueberry jam with his.
When they were all rolled up, she sent them with us to our next destination, where they  throughly enjoyed the treat after supper.  Yum-yum.  Thanks Auntie G-Lou.


  1. Never heard of potato candy, but if it is full of powdered sugar, I bet it is good.

  2. I just love the expressions on the Bugg's face! And the hat is awesome with those red curls sticking out!