Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Very Scary Halloween Indeed

What was so scary?  I thought my camera was missing.
The Handy Man planned us a little escape last weekend. It was a great idea, but it doesn't seem we do romantic getaways too well.  The room had a hot tub and the bleach smell was a bit overwhelming.  Poor Handy Man did not react well.  Then, if that weren't enough, he had a gall bladder attack.  Poor thing. I felt so terrible for him.
Anyway, fast forward to this evening when we're headed out the door to the Halloween festivities and I cannot find my camera anywhere. I knew I'd packed it when we left Brown County, though hurriedly, in our quest for some organic apple juice.  I couldn't remember seeing it since we'd been home.  As memories sometimes do, I remembered clearly how it got in that unusual spot in the living room- after we found it.
Gardner E. brought a little treat for Giddy-up from her last adventure and I wanted a picture of him opening it.  Rae-rae had the camera and left it in the living room.
Whew. I'm never much on new gear. I just prefer what I have.  A broken heart is what I would've had if the camera had been gone.
Let me introduce you to this wee furry footed hobbit, Tolan Fussbuckle, who is the cutest hobbit ever!

 Kaye's cookies.
 Indiana Jones, Captain Jack
 Pocohontas,  Pirate Princess, and Cleo
 And one grouchy little Lorax.
Lucky for us all that I could capture such cuteness.


  1. Shew! Glad you found the camera. Sorry the romantic getaway wasn't all that grand. I hope you have another one soon on the calendar.

    Those costumed kiddos are adorable! So precious.

    Happened upon your Grilled Grandma today and thought I just had to stop in and see how you are. :-D

    Happy November to you and yours!

  2. Glad you found the camera. Such cute costumes.

  3. Camera panic is the worst! So glad you found it -- and those hobbit really is the cutest hobbit ever! All of them look so cute. Does your school let the students dress in costume?

    1. Strangely enough, we do still dress up at our school from three year olds to 6th grade and the staff, a parade, the whole nine yards