Sunday, April 10, 2011

Saturday Cook Off

Handy Man and I headed over to deliver Baby Gideon's cradle and to help Rae-rae prepare some meals for the freezer.
I took some from free range beef and she had chicken stewing. We made chile, taco stuffing, King's Ranch Chicken and meatloaf. There was some extra beef, so I whipped up some Mexican Cornbread for our supper.
It was sweet to see all things made ready to welcome our new boy.
Clearly, the baby had dropped.
She's going in Tuesday for a Manual Cephalic Version to try and turn him if he's still breech.
The girl is in that way pregnant, quite miserable mode. She's still working and I guess we'll just see what this week holds.
Missing any part of this "Daughter's First Baby" experience that I'm welcome to attend is out of the question, but I always have a lot of anxiety over leaving my classroom. This is completely prideful on my part, as I guess it boils down to thinking there isn't anyone else who can do as well as I can- ha.
Also, my Bohemian teaching ways can't be easily explained. When I have to write it all out, it's like doing two days work to be off a day. Of course, I don't even know when that day will be.
Ahhh, the thrill of being a control freak. Lord help!
Any hoo, the new mama and papa, and that sweet boy, uh, and me, would appreciate your prayers.


  1. Oh, boy, can I relate to this post! When I was a teacher and I got stressed or behind, my husband used to tell me to take a day off. He didn't understand that being out of my classroom was more stress and more work than being in it! But no matter what, you leave that classroom when "daughter's first baby" decides to make an appearance!

  2. My prayers and best wishes are with your family. What an exciting time!

  3. We are praying and will say extra prayers on Tuesday! Thanks for the update!