Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Willow Tree Woods

Gideon is a bit jaundice, so they've had to take him for blood work daily. If it's up again tomorrow he'll have to have his first tanning bed experience I guess. He also has a lumbar dimple and will have an ultrasound on his lower back tomorrow to rule out tethered spine. Raechel is improving day by day, though these trips to the hospital are wearing.

A sweet friend Claire made her baby boy a mobile from a tree branch that I loved. You might recall from an earlier post that I have been playing around with wool felting. Since Gideon's crib set is woodland themed, I thought I'd try my hand at making him a mobile from a Pussy Willow branch and critters I felted. I used this book, Wool Pets as my guide. Well, I clearly have some room for serious improvement, but I've really enjoyed the process. Since all the other gramerlings love stories, I figured I'd better start developing a story line for these little creatures.
Actually, Tree Beard, Chippy and Squirrel have long been a part of swingtime stories for Bean, Bugg and Buttercup.

Gideon’s Mobile

A wizened old owl in Willow Tree Woods

told stories to Gideon as wise owls should

about the willow woodland fair

And all the creatures he’d find there

A tiniest bird with red on her chest

Making a perfect lichen nest

Hummy the hummingbird, small as can be

Makes a home for her family of three

There is Bartholomew Beaver a feller of trees

though seldom will bother one full of bees

He’s ever busy making his family safe

an underground cabin, a fabulous place

A tiniest chipmunk, Chippy’s the name

Who’s protected by Tree Beard and loves to play games

On warm sunny days he scampers about

Hoping that Gideon will get to come out.

Follow the nut to find the squirrel Grey,

Munching and crunching his stash of the day,

He gets in trouble, a sneaky boy

Who likes to grab wee Chippy’s toys.

Don’t forget Stinky, who’d miss that smell

But he surely has lots of stories to tell

Of folk who run when they see his rump wiggle

He does it on purpose and it makes his friends giggle.

Sitting quietly on a branch of the willow

a finch of gold, a mighty fine fellow

who shares the news of woodland days

when wizened old owl is snoring away.

But as dark settles in, Owl’s eyes open wide

Watching as Gideon dreams by his side

Looking over his bed, he who whoos soft and low

His own wise blessing for a boy who’s loved so!

Update- Gideon's counts are going down, no need for lights- thank the Lord!

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  1. Adorable. Gideon is a lucky little baby.

  2. Your animals are so cute!! Hope all goes well at the doctor.

  3. Your little felted figures turned out so darling, you're very good at felting!

  4. Your animals are so cute!!!! You did a great job and I am sure they will make Gideon very happy! I loved the story and I will have to read it to Amara. She loved the last one. I printed it and read it to her at bedtime.

  5. Thanks guys. They have been fun to make.

  6. Way cute; each & every one cuter than the last.