Friday, April 29, 2011

Pizza Anyone?

This has been a big pizza week. My fourth graders had state testing all week. I like to do some particularly hand's on style learning during this time after all the tests. We just finished the chapter on matter in our science text. All those states of matter, physical, chemical and phase changes, solvents, solutes, etc are a bit abstract. I don't even think I had an iota's bit of exposure to those terms until 8th or 9th grade.
In an attempt to bring it to their level, we make our own lunch, mostly from scratch. At first they are a bit put off when they find out what we'll use to produce a chemical change in milk. But when we actually add the rennet from the stomach of a ruminating animal, they are fascinated to see it form curds and whey, and then cheese. We use the leftover whey to make pizza crust. Since winter, we've watched various herbs grow under the grow light and used them to create a mixture of pizza sauce and Ranch dressing from the original recipe. From lemons, oranges and sugar we concoct a drinkable solution. Lastly, we mix solids and liquids, apply heat and change it to yummy caramels. Dee- wish -us! And all that science jargon makes a bit more sense.
Well, we did it Wednesday. Whatever I do with my class my gramerlings want to do as well. So Wednesday night was more pizza. I don't really even like pizza, especially twice in one day, but I do love teaching these kiddos.
Pull, push, pull, push.

Push really, really hard!

Well, that pushing and pulling was fun, but we're still not quite done playing in that fun white fluff, so get the princesses for a little play time.
On with some favorite toppings.
Speaking of eating, I just got a call from Rae returning from Gideon's two week check-up. He's already gained a pound and is thriving. Thank the Lord!


  1. What a delightfully messy AND delicious looking activity! They look like wonderful budding chefs you have there. So glad you've had that lovely news too :)

  2. They look like the are having a great time. Kids are so much fun in the kitchen!

  3. Kimberly I am so glad things are going well. I know you have been thru soooo much worry & Lord it's tough when your kids are concerned.
    I'm looking forward to seeing you soon. I just love you...

  4. You are an amazing teacher and grandmother! When my grandchildren want pizza, I pick up the phone--not nearly as educational as making your own.

  5. I've seldom met a kid who didn't love to cook. I've had such success too with kidlets trying things they've cooked that they might not otherwise touch.
    There are more than a few things I'm not so great at, but I do messy really, really well-ha!
    My principal warns people before they get to my room.
    Thanks for your sweet comments.

  6. What great teaching methods! Your students and your grandchildren are lucky!