Monday, April 18, 2011

Home They Go

Well, you know hospitals today. The minute Rae was able to walk around the bed they were filling out discharge papers. They went home yesterday afternoon.
We went over last night to take some supper and treats for the week. The new family had a nap and are of course a bit weak, tired, weary and very in love with this boy.
He's a bit jaundice, as you can tell, but we were happy to discover that her milk is in and he's nursing like a champ.
Between the low blood/fluids, shock and then all the Benedryl to get her through transfusions, I was a bit concerned about the milk. Thank the Lord, that's going right on schedule.
He is a content boy, eats well, burps easy, etc. I enjoyed changing him into his little onesie and gown, snugging him up for rest. Then Raechel was able to get a shower and sat while I dried her hair. Naturally, she's pale, and is trying not to overdue.
I'm headed back to work this morning, as Michael's parents are there to hold down the fort.
That's probably all they'll be holding. Rae's mama bear instincts were in no way compromised by the trauma and if Gideon squeaks, then she wants him-right now!

I figured I'd best snap this pik of him in the cradle while she was showering, as I'm not thinking he's going to spend much time in there.
Again, thank you for your prayers.
We are all trying to process and recover from three days of joy, then fright, no sleep, etc. This morning, Handy Man and I could both use a transfusion.
I still can't go there without feeling hysterical and sobbing. So, let's get on my game face for my kid's at school. I need to get as much done today as I can, in case I need to take off again.
Have a blessed Holy Week.


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  2. WHEW ! .. Glad that's over. Praise be...

  3. He just looks so very tiny! and very beautiful. I'm glad things are going well now. I bet your students were anxious to hear all the details.

  4. Yes, my little kiddos have been following his growth calendar with me all through Rae's pregnancy, so they were very excited by his arrival.