Monday, July 26, 2010

Our Vacation Spot-The Creek

Boy, these gramerlings of mine just won't stop growing-up at warp speed. It just doesn't seem possible to me that Bean is going to be six this week. Ahhhhhhh- slow down a bit already.
I think he was about four when he first inquired about the reason for the creek.
Bean- Gramerly, why did you get this creek?
Me-Well, I thought it would be a good place for your Daddy and Uncle Tim and Aunt Rae-rae to play.
Bean- Then you saved it ter me?
Me- Yes, I did Bean, I saved it for you.
I believe I could pitch him a tent on the bank and he'd happily take up residence there if I'd provide some vittles and honeyed tea on demand.
He found one of his presents I'd left in the car- you would think I would learn. He kindly allowed his sister a turn.

This steep bank used to be woody. Then the powers that be needed to get in the creek after the hurricane, so they poured gravel here, which was fun for the kidlets. A neighbor works in concrete and had a truck of the stuff that wasn't needed as thought, so he poured it over the gravel. Now it's steep, sharp and dangerous. Not easy for Bugg to navigate in Raina's too big creek boots.
As you can see the purpose of the boots were to protect tiny feet for descending, not to keep them dry-dear me.

Every year I faithfully plant flowers and bushes that attract butterflies. The kids and I never tire of seeing them flutter about. Sometimes you can't improve on mother nature. Instead of a salt lick and bison, we have a creek lick and butterflies galore this year. When you walk down they fill the air with flutters.

There are at least ten in this pile. It seems toward evening they head up the hill to the butterfly bushes.
Oh, here is our family of creek ducks, nearly grown. Lest you think they simply waddle out to visit with the humans, I'll share the rest of the story.
We are throwing rocks, pretending, sailing boats, etc. when the awfulest caterwauling you've ever heard seems to be coming out of the bushes at the far end of the creek. Of course, we all look, and here comes the mama and daddy duck flying and splashing like their tail feathers are on fire. It reminded me of the albatross trying to take off in the Rescuers movie. We only had a second to be curious about their unusual visit, when Arwen came behind them in hot pursuit. She was not content to simply terrorize the parents. After chasing them down the creek she came back and ousted the kiddos too. She doesn't hurt them, well, physically anyway, just enjoys an afternoon chase.


  1. oh Arwen, glad the poor ol polar bear found a way to cool down.

  2. One of my favorite childhood spots was the creek at my grandparents' farm. It was less greenery and more limestone, but still magical to me!

  3. Were there lots of critters in there?