Monday, July 5, 2010

Washington and More

School let out a week late this year (due to snow), so I finished on Friday, June 4. Well, finished teaching-there's always that room cleaning thing which would have to wait, much to the principal and custodian's chagrin. Anyway, at 4:45 in the middle of the night, we hit the road to meet SueZQ and Steve and head to Virginia to see Monticello on Saturday the 5th.
Well, we were interesting travelling companions to say the least. Curvy roads make me very sick, as do buses, planes, trains and carnival rides- I'm not even talking here about me riding said rides, just looking at you riding them makes me sick. I love, love, love to see historical places, but traveling for me can be a misery. SueZQ on the other hand, injured her back a while ago and walking long distances or riding long distances in painful for her. The blind leading the blind.
I made it riding in the back to where you cross over into Virginia, then had to move to the front. I was doing good, but was excited about getting there and was intently reading the signs when the road started going a different way than my eyes, and, well, blek. Anyway, I caught myself soon enough to remember I wasn't the only one who could read and let a person with a stronger constitution than I direct the driver.
Monticello was beautiful. Just look at that garden. 80 ft by 1000 feet hanging off the side of a cliff. If there had been an opening for gardener, I'd be changing my address. Remember as you gaze that this was the first week of June. Be still my heart!
Thomas Jefferson must have been a genius. Since I've been home, I've been reading about him. And that monument to his old self ( in DC), that he designed, I mean seriously, talk about thinking a bit highly of your own self.
Since, in spite of numerous efforts I can't put that picture where I want it, you will have to gaze on Ol' Tom in the next post.
Oh, by the way, when the neighbor started the fireworks at noon on Sunday my dog Arwen ran away. We didn't find her until four o'clock yesterday, when I had long since gone from frantic to grief. Thank the Lord, she is safe and sound.