Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Harvest and Hatching Time

Handy Man and I have been working hard on our gardens this summer- mine in the side yard and his up on the hill. Let me just say that chicken poop is a good thing. It's been years since we harvested enough corn to put some in the freezer. This is blanched, cooled, dried and ready to be bagged up for the freezer. I know when cool weather heads back around (if it indeed does), we'll be enjoying a tasty garden treat.

Yellow Chick Awesome decide to start brooding in the favorite hen nest box-one that is about five inches off the floor. Since it was the favorite, it was full of eggs when she went broody. She's been sitting eleven eggs for nearly three weeks. Handy Man found her under the box with a chick (two actually, I didn't discover until later) and another hen in the box on all the eggs. So, I took the box off the wall and put it inside of a cardboard box. She clucked happily and climbed right in. I put her babies in with her. A third one had just hatched, but she wasn't showing it any interest. We'll see what happens there. Some of this chickie girl stuff isn't quite as fun as other parts. Poor thing. I think the new babies hopped out and when she went after them, another girl hopped on, and then she was left to defend and protect the two under the box, or fight for her spot in the box. It is just always something isn't it? Thank the Lord one of the babies is yellow, cause that's the only kind of chick Bean is interested in.
In other happenings, Ol' Mother Hubbard's surgery was successful. The doc said it was the largest separation of muscle he had ever seen. She is mighty uncomfortable, but otherwise fine.

Please continue prayers for my friend Big D as a PET scan on Monday will determine the course of further treatment.

Also, my niece Laurie's husband Anthony is ill and in the hospital, though the source of the problem is unknown. Praying, praying, praying.

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  1. I've just been catching up on your blog; seems the wee hours are the only time I have to read! Sure wish I had come to playdate-- except for the mud and bee day. So happy you got your new apple. The corn looks wonderful; I haven't done mine yet.