Friday, October 30, 2009

Whoa, Wacky, Weirdness

What do you think of this? I have read about all the weird ways eggs might come when the hen first starts to lay. Some can be very tiny, mishapen, quite oblong, deformed, as in an earlier post, or rubbery with no hard shell.
When the hens first started to lay, we founded a splated rubbery one that had obviously been expelled from the roost. All following eggs have been hard-shelled until yesterday when Handy Man found another one on the coop floor. Now, today, the above. Yes, the little deflated balloon looking thing is attached to the very normal looking egg. Looks are deceiving though, the big one is a rubbery egg too. Interesting.

My poor Bean had to have surgery today on his little arm and have two pins to hold it in place. He did well, but missed his big holiday fun in kindergarten. Poor boy.

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