Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Blue-eyed Buttercup, Button Bushes, Baths and Butterfly Weed

Sunday was spent with Missy Buttercup. There was much to be done on a cool fall day. She needed to feed the chickens, find her very first egg, swing in the dolphin swing, examine all the seed pods in the yard and discuss how they travel, taste a few, then have some fun water play. She's getting big and reminds me very much of her daddy. Hmm, so that's what all the fuss is about huh Pappy?

I like these silky ones.

Yep, some seeds travel by air just like that.
Don't tickle me Pap!

Don't be fooled, these Button Bush pods look a little better than they taste.

Time for some water play.
I had read where first eggs are sometimes sort of deformed. This is the first one we've gotten that kind of looked folded over on itself. Then we got another one today.
Bean and Bugg came this afternoon to carve pumpkins. Bean did a really good job considering his arm is broken. He goes to have it checked tomorrow and maybe get a hard cast. Before carving, they gathered several eggs, then fixed them for themselves for supper. Both chose big eggs and both eggs had double yolks. They were excited. Bean ate two and 1st Lt. ate four.
Pete called me at school today, an unusual occurrence. With much trepidation, I scurried out to the hall to take the call. Good news, another negative test on the Klebsillia bacteria-thank the Lord.

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