Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Late Breaking (get it) News at Cluckingham Palace

Today after school, we headed out to the palace to check for eggs. A dear friend fondly remembered collecting eggs, at her grandma's as a girl, in a lard bucket. She kindly provided Bean with a lard bucket and Bugg with an egg basket, so they were ready. I know some lay as early as 16 weeks, so we've had golf balls in the nests for three weeks now, just in case.
The search is on!

Look at bottom left- There they are- two beautiful eggs.

Though Bean actually found them both, he sweetly shared one with Missy Bugg.

She enjoyed collecting all the golf balls as well, so I'll have to put all of those back later. She let out a big "Cock-a-doodle-do" upon filling her egg basket.
Time to cook the eggs.

Bugg is scrambling hers. Bean's went the wrong way when he broke his and it mostly landed on the floor. So we shared Bugg's. DEE-WISH-US
A dream come true, for which I was careful to express my gratitude to Mr. Handy Man Pappy!


  1. This IS exciting news! I'll bet Bean and Bugg were just delighted!

  2. How very cool! We're excited to try some fresh eggs as well!