Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Magical Experience

I've arrived!
Now for a little magic!

Our carriage awaits!
I was worried they might be intimidated by the big horse and carriage. Sometimes reality doesn't look as interesting up close. Uh, well, they ran right out the restaurant doors shouting, "It's here, our carriage is here." SueZQ and I were frantically trying to keep up as the princesses were climbing in their seats. Then, the driver turned on the twinkle lights and Antebellie declared, "We're on our way to the castle." In every place with lots of lights, we imagined a ballroom, ready for royalty. They were sure the lighted trees and fountains were there to entertain them. Being three is so wonderful.
"This is a knife." "Yes Antebellie it is."
"You can use it to put butter on your bread." She thought it was more fun to use it to put butter in your mouth.

What sweet princesses.

Psketti-dewishus! Missy Bugg wore those awful plastic, pointy toed, high heeled torture devices the whole evening. I couldn't believe she could actually walk in them
In July, Bean chose a friend to join him for a day of science museum fun, with IMAX and a gift from the gift shop for his birthday. At the time I told Missy Bugg that I would do a special outing with her and she chose her cousin Antebellie as her guest.

My sister, SueZQ, noticed a carriage that resembled Cinderella and since both girls are quite into the whole princess drama, we decided to take them downtown to dinner and a carriage ride for a princess adventure.

It was precious. They were totally absorbed in the moment, speaking to every person they met and making three-year old magic like no body's business. It was magical it seemed for the many people who saw them as well. They were photographed with cameras and cell phones all over town. People were stopping to roll down windows and express amazement at their beauty and charm. Antebellie was sure she saw several Prince Charmings and smiled demurely at each hopeful prince.
In spite of my best efforts, I could not get these pictures in order and the way I wanted them- so no magic, just confusion in this lil' ol' entry (the last paragraph and pictures first). Anyway, you get the idea. I am off line more than I'm on these days. I have no idea what is up with Insight, but it kind of takes the fun out of blogging when it takes you three days to post and it's still wrong.
Nothing could have taken the fun out of our Princess Adventure- our little missie's thrill of the evening made it a worthwhile endeavor indeed.

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