Sunday, October 18, 2009

Delightful Days

Remember this picture from July when they were first let out of the coop into the yard?At the time, I thought they were simply adorable. Now, they seem a little scrawny.

They've grown a bit since then.

Days off are so delightful. Perhaps I've developed a greater appreciation for them when they seem so few and far between. Anyway, I'm always surprised at how much I can accomplish. Laundry caught up, bills caught up, chickie coop cleaned, daffodils dug, plants planted-ahhhhhhh.

One time I bought some beautiful daffodil bulbs (well, the bulbs weren't none too beautiful, but the promise they held intrigued me) and planted them over the septic tank. Just stuck them out there in three inches of soil over concrete and they've bloomed profusely on tender loving neglect ever since. Last year they were looking a little thick and I know they don't bloom as well in that state, so I dug them up and planted some all over the yard. I planted so many that I thought I might not have left much for spring. Well, I was surprised to find what seemed to be just as many blooms as before.

I told Rae-rae I would dig some for her new diggs.

Ummm, well, guess I was having a senior moment when I thought I dug all those bulbs last year, or there is something magical about growing over a septic tank.

It is hard for me to imagine not gardening. I can get so lost in all the interesting things happening in, on and above the ground that my troubles and stress seem non-existent for a few minutes. I love the sharing that comes with gardening. The blessing is mine to have found a friend in Ms. Gardener J. By her own admission, she's a bit snobbish about what goes in her garden, but most generous with what comes out. My little fourth graders have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience from her every spring as she brings a bounty of sweet wildflowers for them to plant in our little wooded area at school. My mind easily transports itself to a day 18 or 20 years down the road when those kids will be bring their own little ones down to the creek to see all the spring jewels blooming under a canopy of trees. I love to imagine them sharing how they came to be there.

Now, another yard to set afire with color. Speaking of Rae and her yard. She is having an Open House on Saturday, the 31st from 1-5. She would love to have you come.

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