Saturday, May 5, 2018

Poor Ol' Blog

While I don't blog as much as in the past.  I typically manage at least two entries a month. Well, not last month.
April at school just kicks me in the backside.  After spring break and the time change, the kids are done.  The whole atmosphere in the classroom changes. They get sassy with each other, sassy with me and being fifth graders, well, spring seems to bring the hormones  on full force.  It seems it is also the birthday season and the frail, elderly mama's going south season as well.  Handy Man's mom, and Deb's mom are both in rehab after hospital stays, mine has another UTI and yet another friend lost her mama this week.  Whew.
Add to that the fact that we are four weeks late spring cleaning the outside,  due to a winter who did not give it up, whilst the bathroom remodel continues.  Life.
Last night was our first in the creek and there were fossils everywhere.  It will be another summer in the fossil mines I feel sure.  Such a gift that creek.  Thank you Lord!  Giddy-up named a rock spot Danger Island.
While I have no pictures of celebrating with Giddy-up, who turned seven, and Mr. Smiley, a big four years old, we had a big birthday time.  Pap had long wanted to take the tool loving Mr. Smiley to the hardware store, so that was his big date.  He was starstruck.  So cute.  He got a level, a little bitty drill, funnels, duct tape and a magnetized saucer to hold his neon colored drill bits.
Giddy-up was interested in trying some different seafood dishes, since his mama is not a fan.  Turns out he loves it all.
Our first birthday in April was with our brown-eyed Buttons-so called because she was our first grandchild with brown eyes, though all who followed are brown eyed.
She had a list of things we needed to accomplish and so we did.
She loves Jello Jigglers, so we did those first, so they would be ready before she left.

 She loves sushi as well as her siblings and ate every bite of it.
 We enjoyed a few art projects.

 I had tons of daffodils in bloom and a few other things that she enjoyed plucking and making an arrangement for her mom.
We created some bead critters, then used the leftover beads for bracelets.

 Next we needed a bracelet and a note for big sister.
 It was big day and she was stuffed.

This was Pixie's solo flight and I wasn't sure if she would be happy when her family pulled out of the drive.  I thought I might better be prepared with something to do immediately. Carrot tops to feed the bunnies made for a happy girl.

We let the chickie girls out and got them some more straw, then headed inside.  She is currently all eat up with unicorns, so I found these little necklaces.  She has the tiniest, sweetest voice, often lost in the presence of big kids.  It was so fun to spend time with her and listen to talk.

 She needed some jelly jiggles as she called them.
 We went upstairs.  The upstairs has been off limits for a long time and I am currently sorting and pitching, which I've been doing for months a bit at a time.  She was unaware that there was an upstairs.  She enjoyed looking around and found a red decorative heart and so quietly inquired, "Can I borrow this?"  I've had several gramerlings that love to have a transitional object.  I'm not sure the developmental theory behind it, but it doesn't bother me in the least.  Though it is often comical what they feel the need to borrow.   Bean and Giddy-up were the most insistent on having something to take home every time they visited.  See that red bag behind Pixie?  It has a bag of Easter eggs, a chapstick, a ceramic dollhouse bathtub, a baby and a dollhouse baby crib.
 Like her siblings, she is seriously cute.
 We returned to the downstairs and she wanted to play in the fairyhouse.
 A little stamping was in order.
 A bit of mixing in piles of flour.
Then time to pack up her jelly jiggles, necklaces and borrowed items and head home.  Sweet.
While we were gathering straw for the girls, I noticed this in the garden that appeared to spring up overnight. That bloom is so interesting.  I have no idea what it is and don't recall every seeing it before.
It has been a soaking wet Derby Day.  We drove through the rain to a little greenhouse about 25 miles away.  Old Thyme Loghouse is the only nursery that grows my favorite tomato.  I cannot wait for garden tomatoes!

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