Friday, May 11, 2018

Happy Mother's Day, Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday

May just always seems ready to burst at the seams. This week was an all day field trip and a Mother's Day Tea, tomorrow is when I will celebrate with Mom and my kids, but this evening I got to enjoy my gifts of the last six months. You know you are committed to a night of gardening when you haul bunny poop in a wheel barrow with a flat tire and broken handle.  When I emptied it, Handy Man put it in the dumpster.
  This is my beautiful new garden bed, birthday present - which has now been planted with peppers, cucumbers, swiss chard, kale, cilantro and parsley.  All these goodies were from a Christmas gift card to Fresh Start.

  That is my kind of place. Reminds me of old time feed stores. They can sharpen your tools, sell every kind of garden plant or seed you need and there is a store dog and cat.  Lovely.
And for Mother's Day, a bag of ladybugs.

I had read about buying beneficial insects, but read that mostly they flee to parts unknown, so I never bought any.  When I got this, I googled ladybug release and learned that you need to do in the evening after watering and release where food can be found.  So I watered all my little garden spots.

 I put a few here and few there until little ladies were climbing all over the place.  Hopefully, a few of them find a happy place to dwell in my flowers and those who fly away to eat someone's aphids will be a blessing to them as well.  Don't you just love a win/win.
And what is behind this lovely new hall door?

More bathroom destruction. My, it just goes on and on.
In addition to my other activities of the week, I spent yesterday morning at Lee's Supply.  My bathroom plumbing knowledgable friends Toney and Andrea, sent me there to get shower, toilet, etc.
The lady who helped me was so very kind and  helpful.  I said if interior design was ever a thought as a career choice for me, it has moved to a position right under ditch digging.  Thank the Lord for friends who know more than you do.

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