Friday, October 23, 2015

Where Will I Shelter My Sheep Tonight

Happy Birthday my sister girl.  We're missing you here.  I decided before fall break that it might be best for me to just not try being at school and keeping myself together today, but when I checked the calendar, it revealed that my children were up for mass today.  I have such a hard time being out of class anyway, but leaving them with mass and a sub is just too much.
Every mass, we sing and sign after Communion. It's my fifth grade thing.  I was trying to decide on a song when the custodian and I were chatting about music being such an important part of our growing up.  He told me he seldom saw his own Mom, but she sang like Patsy Cline.  Well, of course you came to mind and I brought your CD for him to listen to.  As I expected, he was mighty impressed.  That's when it came to me to do that old song, "Where Will I Shelter My Sheep Tonight " that you sang so beautifully for so long. You always hoped we'd be able to get the littles in one place long enough for me to teach them to sign. You loved the signing.  We never made that happen, but I did think I could make it happen on your birthday with my students.
There was a problem though with the CD made for your service.  The song was clipped at then end and went right into you singing "Just Call me Angel of Morning."  I knew I couldn't get to the CD player to turn it off in time and well, that song is just not appropriate for mass.  I did get a good laugh out of that and thought how much I  wished I could call and tell you about my mindful ramblings, because I knew you'd laugh too.  I tried to find someone else singing it, but it was a bit too twangy for my taste.
I thought to call Laurie-Lou and she was able to copy me a CD without the morning angel elbowing her way in.
I asked for two weeks for a parent to be there to video, but no one took me up on the offer. I had hoped to be able to show it to Mom.  Interestingly (God incident), a videographer  was there creating a marketing piece about the school.  I asked if I could get a copy of that part and he said he'd be happy to do that.  Thank you Lord.
So girl, you sang in mass today and my sweet kidlets signed and took the song so seriously.
Ol' Mother Hubbard brought Linee and Baby Boy and then we went to the Waffle House.

I remembered you telling me about being there once and Willie Nelson walking in.  Wow.
I remember you all the time. Rae sent me a beautiful card with a songbird on the front. I miss our songbird.   I'm so appreciative of those who remember.
Girl, it's been a long road.
You left some mighty big shoes to fill.
Aunt Tish is giving it her all.
I love you Auntie GLou.
Happy Birthday


  1. I love that she was able to sing today. Love you.

  2. I'm so glad there was a videographer! God is so good! I'm sorry I had to miss it. Just getting over the crud I've had, but Toney has it now, ugh. I sure missed that waffle, too! Love to you...

    1. Indeed.
      Girl, you should've kept them germs to yourself.

  3. How wonderful that you were able to have your class sign and sing her song and that you were able to get it videoed! Sending you a hug. Hope today is an easier day.