Saturday, October 17, 2015

Falling into Break

Monday was our fall Playdate over my break. We didn't get to have a bonfire earlier in the year, so Monday was the day.
Our population was low, as Bean was on the beach somewhere with friends, Ms. Glitzy and Gwanfader had other obligations.  We did add a couple of new ones later in the day-friends of Ol' Mother Hubbard.
I had forgotten something and had to make a run to the grocery that morning.  When I returned, I found this cutest bug in my yard.
 I have a drive that goes the length of the yard before you turn into the parking area.  I stopped to talk to this cutest honeybee and when I continued on into the drive, I broke his little heart.  He eventually forgave me and we spent sometime playing in cornstarch while the chickie girls looked on.
 The day was glorious, well for the most part and the breeze kept those annoying mosquitoes at bay- hurrah?  Giddy-Up's animals needed some treatment.
 Next to arrive was Missy Bugg and Giddy-Up wasted no time in turning his doctor care to her. She was well bandaged to face the day.
 Ol' Mother Hubbard arrived and play began in earnest. They are all still attracted to this broken down swing set.

On my way to grocery that morning, I made a stop at Dollar Tree and grabbed some face paints.  Very scary children filled my yard.

As Ol' Henry's friend didn't arrive until later in the afternoon, I enlisted his help planting the hydrangeas I moved from Mom's last Sunday. We chatted about all things farm while we worked.
When his friend got there, they gathered tinder and we started the fire. By this time we had some hungry goblins.
 We'd moved on to to marshmallows when huge black clouds encroached on our parade.  Suddenly huge rain drops were falling and we were grabbing and running.  Too late, we were all soaked, so the goblins moved on to water play.

 The animals still have to be fed, so Pap called all feeders and headed to Cluckingham Palace to gather eggs.

It was a big fun time!  Can I say I love me some fall break.


  1. I can't believe how much Mr. Smiley has grown so quickly! Sure looks like you had a wonderful day!