Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Falling Into the Festival

Where Mom is living has a Fall Festival.  Of course, we wanted to show our support. So I donated six pans of cinnamon rolls and two loaves of bread to the Cake Walk.  Miss Bugg got all gussied up and we went about 2:30 and wheeled Mom all around until about 7.
Upon arriving, I took Bugg to see Butch's door, that has all manner of spooky stuff, including a hand that squeezes a heart as you walk by.  She was thrilled.  Butch came by about that time and took us in to show us several more spooky contraptions.
 The animal shelter had pets at the Festival and Bugg and Mom enjoyed this little fellow.
 In addition to the donation, we paid dollar after dollar till Bugg finally won a cake. Sadly, all the cinnamon rolls were gone.  That girl can eat some cinnamon rolls now
 My little spider princess has been transformed into a clown.
 They had a haunted hayride and I was torn about what to do as Bugg wanted to go and I didn't want her to go by herself, nor did I want to leave Mom sitting by herself.  I love when the Cavalry arrives in the nick of time.  Mom's good friend Laura and her daughter and grandson came and her daughter kindly offered to accompany Bugg.
 Bugg has been pestering her Mom to visit a Haunted House.  Well, the Haunted Hayride was a bit scary for her, so don't know if she'll be quite as excited about a Haunted House.  Poor Cassie didn't know she'd have two kids in her lap before the ride was over.
When we returned Mom to her apartment, Bugg and I ran by her house to check on the workers.  Aunt SuZQ, Gwanfader and the Cpt. were busy painting.
Mom just isn't having the easiest time.  She's long had trouble with her knees.  She's worn a multiplicity of braces, had many shots and, well, whatever she could do.  For someone in her shape, everything in this new place is far. She needs a scooter, but she still has to have xrays again, then go to the ortho guy again, then submit all of that, only to likely have it denied we're told and have to do it all again in six months.  Why oh why do they make it so hard.  Last night was her first, since she moved two weeks ago, to stay by herself.  She lived through it.  Tomorrow night I'll take her supper and it's bath night.  I surely hope things get easier.

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  1. I bet having you and Bugg there really helped brighten everyone's day! She is just so darned cute and she sure is growing fast!