Sunday, August 30, 2015

Basketball Anyone?

This afternoon Pap and I went to our old highschool to see Missy Bugg play basketball. My, it was a bit sobering remembering how long it has been since we were there in school.
 It was supposed to start at 2:00, when we got there. It had, in fact, started at 1:50 and we just missed her making a  basket.
It was so fun to watch her play.  You can see on her face how seriously she took the game, but then turn and clap and cheer when someone on the other team made a good play.  Love it!
I hadn't seen Giddy-Up and his people in too long, so invited him to join us. It was his first basketball game and he was very intrigued and a great cheerleader!
  This picture looks like the little girl who just got it in is saying, "Tah Dah!"
 Waiting for some action.
 You going to take this on?
 She was go shocked when she got the ball, then turned and tore down the court.
About to go up. Good job Bugg.

After a hug and a squeeze Giddy-Up, Pap and I headed back home.

 While I wanted to show his cutie face, I intended to get what he was doing- hot gluing.  He is one of those kids that has a strong self preservation mode.  Bean was just like that. I could let him climb ladders, use scissors, or whatever because he took directions very well and was never a leap and then look kind of kid.  Giddy-Up glued beads on cardboard for the longest time with a glue gun, tweezers and beads, without incident.  Thank the Lord.

Mr. Smiley loves lotion and a pencil.  I dont know why. He takes off the lid, dips the pencil in the lotions and rubs it all over me. He will do this a long time, then wants the teeny lid to screw on before he is off.  He is talking like crazy and continues to light up our world.

Glenda's son-in-law Anthony has had to have yet another surgery and is having one tough ol' time.  Mom has not felt well for over a week, though the source of her distress remains a mystery.  Wednesday's bath was the first time I felt nervous, as she was so shaky.  I suspect it is grief and anxiousness over a move to someplace new.  Thank you always for prayers on their behalf.


  1. You are certainly surrounded by some of the best smiles ever! Hope they help to lighten the load during everyone's health struggles. Keeping good thoughts for all of you.