Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Early Autumn

Oh my, we've had some fabulous weather over the last few days.  It is creeping back up, but I've loved a dash of Autumn thrown in our August.  Lovely!
I've been with the kidlets, but haven't been as snappy with pictures as usual.
My big boys finally got their day a couple of Sundays ago.  They finished up their summer wood projects with Uncle Jimi.
 War Games were the order of the day.  The Thursday before Bean and I went shopping for material to make vests.

I don't remember what was funny, but watching him crack up, cracked me up.

 Bean had been planning this day for months and in an odd turn of events, it only required (well, after the vests) me keeping them fed and watered.
They are growing up so very fast.
Enjoying all the garden goodies from the Farmer's Market. Fixed greens, fried corn, pork chops and cornbread for Mom this evening.  She loved it.  She's not feeling great.  So many things still up in the air. Bless her heart. Bless everyone's heart


  1. Everyone always has such fun at your place! Love the warriors! Squirt guns?

  2. He had just shot John in the butt with a snap n pop!