Monday, September 7, 2015

Flying Monkeys

The first fifty times I saw on Facebook, or heard someone say, "Not my circus, not my monkeys," it made me chuckle.  I'm kind of over it, until I looked at these pictures and it came to mind.  Ceece has always had several nicknames for her kiddos and in addition to Bean, she also calls him Monkey.  For whatever reason, when I looked at these requested jumping pictures, it reminded me of that saying, only, "My circus, my monkeys."

It is these serendipitous occasions that remind me of the "why" of Playdate.  I was born the sixth of seven and was always very attached to my Mom and my siblings.  With exception to a deviation or two, to another state for a short time, we've always lived close.  When my brothers ended up not with their boy's moms, I started doing Thanksgiving, Gingerbread House Party, and Easter.  Really, most of that time I often did Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day.  Then for years, after Mom and Kaye's health begin to fail, I had them for Sunday dinners.  I knew those grandma/pa, aunt, niece, nephew, cousins relationships were important to me and folks are so busy and more and more those ties are challenged by the times. I hoped to strengthen those ties with at least weekly visits.  Then the new generation began and Playdate was started.

Only now, it seems people, my people, see even less of each other than they did before.  It was important to me to see the  kids and for them to know their cousins and aunts and uncles.  In the above picture, it was sweltering and Bean went to get himself a drink, and brought both of the girls one as well.  That is what I wanted Playdate to be about.

I somehow thought I would model how you mentor little ones in play and creek and wood wisdom and they in turn would mentor the ones coming up and  long lasting relationships would form.
So funny, I had literally just looked at the whirligig and thought, "This was an expensive piece of equipment and they no longer even look at it," when Swee-tee hopped on.

You think I would learn.  Through all those years of providing entertainment, good food and and interest, I really only have a close relationship with one niece.  I generally only see the others at mom's, maybe a holiday, or in those crisis times. It is true, for the most part, with my children as well. They don't see those cousins in the normal routine of their lives.

I love me some Pappy Cakes and I love Pappy too.
So my first Playdaters are growing up and aren't so enamored anymore with Playdates where time and attention of the Gramerly is shared across eleven years.  I retired from all the big holiday dinners, because it was so  much work and attitudes and that time issue made it not much fun.   I suppose it is way past time to realize that family ties are just not as valued by others as they are to me.
A little science fun. We created a pearly ocean in a bottle.
 I always said I had mountain blood of  Hatfield and McCoy type, you know, you belong to me and so that is all there is to it.  You love each other and help each other and you spend time together.  Lands, I'm so very outnumbered.
Hmm, wonder what will happen to all those tiny beads?
It is funny, as I lose my siblings, the ones I have are ever more important. I want to see their face. I want to laugh with them.  Even though my mom is way past entertaining, there is nothing she loves more than to see her kids, her grandkids faces.
Missy Bugg is going try it too.
I know how she feels.  While folks all around me aspired to be president and astronauts, I wanted to be a mom.  As mine started leaving home, my absolute favorite time was when they'd return and be hanging out in the kitchen while I finished a meal.  They are a sarcastic, witty threesome and can crack each other up, and them laughing around the table was absolutely my joy.  I cannot think of another thing I've experienced that made me feel as content, that all was right in my world.
This precious, happy boy. He began dinner before everyone, and remained in the  highchair through the next 40 minutes,  just entertaining us with his hat.

Ahh, as they get older, guess I'm going to have to figure out how to be the Master of Ceremonies at a Three Ring Circus.  

Is that chicken food good?
 Did you think by middle age you'd have it all figured out?  I did.  Don't read any further if you are still holding to that hope.  I got nothing figured out.
Do you recognize this very scary pirate?

 But I sure have some very cutest monkeys.

Happy Labor Day!


  1. That is the best hat ever! Amara is my only one and for about 6 weeks at the end of the last school year I thought I was losing her -- losing what we had. Glad that it came right back. Hope things can work out.