Monday, August 10, 2015

Just a Day Off

Sunday felt like a day off all day long.  I woke up way early, so headed back to bed mid morning to work on my Bible Study, then have a big nap.  On wake-up two, I took the bunny boys out for some Vitamin D, cleaned the cages then went to work on Strider.  My dog has been sadly neglected by me this summer and needed a serious overhaul.  I bet I worked on him for an hour.  Another hour and he should be restored to his handsome self.  That dude has some fur now.  The chicken yard looked like it was full of wee guinea pigs in addition to chickens.
Last weekend,  I was at the computer and Handy Man was reading close by when right out the window a chicken started caterwauling.  After losing Fancy to a dog a few days before I flew out the back door and Handy Man flew out the front armed with a baseball bat.  Cinderella, the tiny chicken, was marching around pitching a fit.  I saw that a black chicken was in the herb bed (also sadly neglected this summer), but no other chickens. I figured there was something awful afoot, but neither Handy nor I could see a thing.  Cinderella would not give it up.
The black chicken finally came down out of the bed and others started coming out to see what all the fuss was about.  Missy Mouthy was not comforted by her sisters, but continued to strut about the herb bed, making all the noise one so tiny can make. I even brought out some bread crumbs to get her wee mind off her troubles. Didn't work. Hmm, that works for me.

 I kept looking and looking and finally the problem presented itself. Do you see what I see?
 Missy Mam has decided to nest in the herb bed and was plenty pissy that the black hen was checking out her space.
 As soon as the flight path was cleared, off she ran.
 She swooped up to the herb bed and
 settled herself down.
I'm not happy with her nesting outside of Strider's reach, but what can you do. She didn't ask my opinion.
So, back to the dethatching, I sprinkled Strider's fur balls all around the herb bed to worn off critters that might think Cinderella, and her wee eggs are a tasty treat.
I like farm chores. I turned over poo in the palace and cleaned the water dishes, adding a shot of apple cider vinegar to the bowls.
Then I got cleaned up and went to Kohl's with my  30% off coupon.  Poor Handy Man had to work, but afterwards we went to a festival at Locust Grove. More on that later.  It was good to be off.


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful day! What an adventure to have with your chicks! You got some great photos. Hope those furballs keep all the unwanted critters away.

  2. Reading your post brought a smile to my face! I am a city girl all the way through. My husband is a farm boy all the way through. Kevin (my husband) said when we got married we would eventually live in the country. Okay time passed and we did move to a farm. He bought 3 chickens.- just starting out.....
    One day he said, look Debie. And he was holding one egg. I just laughed! He said what and I had to fess up that I thought the one egg was funny. He looked me right in the face and said, "Debie, that's one egg per chicken 7 days a week. A few weeks later we started eating scramble eggs and potatoes for Sunday dinner! Loved your post- thanks for sharing!

    1. After six years, I still delight in the many eggs of all colors sitting on the bar.