Thursday, June 4, 2015

Playdate Prep

So, my idea for taking old books and turning them into Nature journals for the poopies has not turned out exactly like I planned.  I have what is supposed to be "good" acrylic paint, and I dutifully coated the pages with gesso.  This paint will not dry.   I don't see much chance that I will have them done for Tuesday.  I should have started this at Christmas I guess.  So, paint me frustrated.
Well, since my wild creative genius was stymied, I headed to the tea house to start dragging out toys for the opening day at Camp Gramerly's Playdate. And what to wondering eye did appear?  Eggs, everywhere.

And evidence that a nighttime critter believed it discovered the local drive-thru.

Poor critter will be disappointed this evening to find the drive-thru closed.
So, I spent most of the day bleaching toys. Since all of these things will spend the summer outside in the dirt, it probably is a bit ridiculous of me, but I hope to start well.

Our new table came in handy to dry the toys in the sun.

No matter how many times people come to visit, there are those who forget that you must have shoes to get in the creek.  So, I buy shoes on clearance and keep all outgrown ones, hoping I have something for whoever is pining for some wading and rock skipping.  This will be the only time you will ever see this.  Most of the rest of year only one of a kind will be in the basket and where the other has been flung is anyone's guess.  When Handy Man mows a few might be reunited with their mate.  This results in some odd looking creek critters- boys with pink shoes and girls with one purple croc and one tie-dyed one, grown guys with my florescent sandals.  Oh well, long as the job gets done.

We've enjoyed several delightful salads from this bed.
 And the pumpkins are coming along nicely.
 Auntie G-Lou is just not fairing very well.  I thought in April that she had turned the corner and things were improving.  She is now having very erratic sugar levels and serious edema.  The doc sent her to the hospital tonight.  My good friend at work, Willie, was diagnosed with colon cancer today.  So sad.
So, I'll postpone Playdate prep and head to the hospital tomorrow.  I know they would appreciate your prayers.


  1. Hope you have a wonderful playdate -- Amara still has 2 more weeks of school and the kids are ready! So are the teachers.

  2. How nice of you to keep shoes on hand for everyone who visits and wants to go wading! It looks like a fun, peaceful life...except for the critters!