Friday, June 12, 2015

A Tsunami, Hurricane, Tornado?

All of the above.
It surely feels like we've  been hit by something fierce.  Just the experience in hospital and the death of my sister, would have been plenty, but trying to figure out the 747 particulars of my grieving Mama has us all spinning on our heads, particularly Aunt Tish.  Ugh.  Lord help!
Of course, on Tuesday, a Playdate was planned.  Everyone was calling, assuming we weren't having it.  Well, I tell you, I was in desperate need of some joy.  The craziness of May and the hospital vigil left little time for my poopies.  I figured folks would make a steady stream to Mom's door for a couple of days and I had better take advantage of that, so after going with my siblings, and Mom's pastor/friend to give Mom the  awful news, I left her in good hands and headed home.
The kids were so sweet, coming in one at a time to give me a big hug and express their sadness.  Bean made me a sad Eeyore.  Ol' Mother Hubbard brought enough carbs  to sedate us all for the afternoon.  This place was a disaster, as I was only half way through preparations when duty called.  So glad Ceece, Rae-rae, Ms. Glitzy and Ol' Mother Hubbard were willing to just roll with it.  It was a Balm in Gilead for me.
The pool is open and the fight with the skeeters begins.

When Baby Boy came out of the woods, he asked Ms. Glitzy, "Where are the fashionistas?" They all got busy right away making potions.

This year Uncle Jimi will give the big boys lessons in tools and hopefully they will begin some wood crafting.

Well, you know the little boys needed a little Uncle Jimi Tool Time too.
The new item for this year is a balance beam, also not done.  I don't exactly remember what I was doing when I gave Ms. Glitzy and Ol' Mother Hubbard the box and pointed in a likely direction. When I found them, they were dripping sweat and needing some of those carbs and I noticed the tree was covered in poison ivy. I found an alcohol based spritzer and had them scrub up.  I got on my hazmat suit (surgical gloves and a garbage bag) and removed all I could see.  They have no poison ivy, I on the other hand, and arm, and foot have it popping up all over.  For pity's sake I have a blister where I somehow got touched through the hole in my croc- really? Anywhoo, they got 'er done.

Clearly, this is going to present a challenge. Not.

I expect Sidly will be just walking on across on her hands next week.

After lunch we headed to the creek for a bit of face painting.

And the boy who started this whole weekly creeking adventure still spends a lot of time smack in the middle of it
 Here's how this works. You eat the mulberries off the tree and pick up the fallen ones and smoosh them and paint anyone who stands still.

Then, one last trip across the beam.

This boy. I know you need to click on this picture so you can see those eyelashes.  His laughter can temporarily cure any ill.

Thank you so much for kind words and deeds, for the thoughts and prayers that sustain us.

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  1. I am glad you had so many wonderful faces to help brighten your day. You have to some gymnastic talent going there, too! I love the way the older ones are helping the little ones to try it!