Sunday, December 15, 2013

Just Playing Around

Gardner E. found these sprouts for sale, still on the stem and brought them when she came to teach art Thursday morning, so my students could see them and I could take them home to the gramerlings for Playdate. How kind. I decided to roast them right on stem . Oh my, they were delicious. Though I am a frequent conoisseur of most thing cruciferous, I have never cared for Brussels sprouts.  Those little ones on the tip tasted like candy.
You might ask why those oranges are floating about in the background.  It wasn't a science experiment on buoyancy, though it is intriguing that  they float before peeling and sink afterwards.  Just a lovely little orange life jacket that peel. No, warm oranges juice better for said juice to be sipped through a peppermint stick. Another Christmas tradition.
Gardner E. was also looking about for metal, umm, I don't know, scarf clips is perhaps the name, to hold scarfs and tees shirt corners.  She got a sack full from e-bay, chose what she wanted, then gifted the girlies with the remainder. Swee-Tee and Bugg enjoyed using them for all sorts of fashion statements with their dolls.

Bean was interested in making the worry dolls. He caught on easily and was churning them out without much help from me.  When he said he was going to make some for his guy friends, I wondered how well "dolls" would be received.  I suggested he might want to refer to them as "worry folk."  I never had an issue with boys having dolls.  All the boys in my class make a rag doll just like the girls. Well, it's usually dressed significantly different. And all my boys knit and sew as well.  I love this boy for many reasons, but one reason is his love for things crafty and his wanting to do it independently.  Sadly, to me anyway, is many boys his age are interested only in video games and sports.  I don't talk either of those languages.  Anywhoo, I don't want someone teasing him and sabotaging my craft partner, ya know?
 I loved the Over the Rhine concert with the Cpt. on Friday.

Saturday was a full day.  Since Bean and I have a standing date for "The Hobbit,"  I needed to take Bugg for movie.  We went to see "Frozen."  It was cute.  Love that sisters trumped that ol' prince for a change.  She knew we'd be going to Miss Linee's dance recital, so she wore her tutu.
 Movie candy didn't make it past the commercials.

Now, would it be Christmas without some wee girls, decked out in holiday attire, tapping their way through a carol or two?  I'm thinking not.

 Unhappy that they had to go their separate ways after the dancing was done.

I made Handy Man's fancy Christmas dinner for work- bean soup, corn bread, fudge, cinnamon rolls and chex  mix.  He said the guys had started asking about it.
Uncle Tim and I spent another evening getting the gramerling gifts in working order. It is going to be a musical Christmas around these parts.
I'm tired.  Have a good week ya'll!


  1. I think I am tired just reading everything you've done this week! But it is a wonderful time of year.
    I am curious if rubber band jewelry is in at your school right now? It is all the 4th graders do! Boys and girls make them and wear them. They just seemed to have appeared and are now all the rage! Better than video games!

    1. Yes indeedy, Bean is covered in them. My students can't wear jewelry, so I haven't heard much about it at school.