Friday, December 13, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside

Sunday was our sibling Christmas Brunch and was so beautiful and yummy, though it was a bit unnerving driving through the leftover snow and ice to get there.
No, a Jewish Rabbi has not joined the ranks. Those are sunglasses on Uncle Joe's head.

Then Monday brought Uncle Tim, Aunt Bran and Ol' Mother Hubbard for some Christmas elving, laughing, and eating soup, homemade bread and lots of fudge and staying up way too late.
 All I can show of the surprise awaiting the gramerlings.

I wasn't surprised we had a delay on Tuesday, but was a bit taken back when the alert went off again at seven thirty to announce school was cancelled.  For a good bit of the morning, I did a lot of nothing.  I called Ol' Mother Hubbard and discovered she was reading in Antebellie's class in the afternoon and she invited me to go. I'd never visited their school, wanted to and figured I'd best jump on the opportunity. She had to drive by, so she said she would pick me up.
No way was Handy Man going to come home and find I'd done nothing but play all day, so I layered up and put on his water proof hiking boots and went to visit the animals.
I haven't reported on tiny farm life in while, so today is a good day to bring you up to snuff.
Strider got food, warm water and a nearly empty peanut butter jar for entertainment.

 This weather doesn't appear to concern him in the least.  The Cpt. says he's likely grateful that someone finally turned on the AC.

The occupants of Cluckingham Palace had no desire at all to join him in the snow and ice.
Chickens molt as days grow shorter and colder, and need a lot of protein to replace those feathers.
All the roos lined up.
 I took them a big serving of oatmeal and sardines in warm beef broth. Now doesn't that sound delicious?
They gobbled it up.
The girls enjoying some sunshine.
During molting, they lay very little, but that one new Ameracauna keeps churning out an egg most days.

Sadly, one girl who just has never been too robust, gave it up and I had to do a chicken removal. Ughh, my least favorite part of chicken keeping.
The bees require no attention at this time, but Handy Man did wrap a tarp around Mordor.

They've kicked out those boy drones and will spend the winter keeping Miss Queenie Bee toasty warm.  Those ungrateful bees in the Harmony hive flew the coop, no that's chickens, rather swarmed, so we'll have to get a new few thousand bees come spring.

With exception to the required deceased fowl removal, I love tending our little flock, especially when I'm off and even in the cold and snow. I loved visiting the kid's school and seeing them for a bit.
I don't know if we'll get anymore snow, but our current temperatures mean what we have will be sticking around awhile.
A big date night with the Cpt. to see Over the Rhine, a birthday gift from Aunt SuZQ.

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  1. Strider is just beautiful! I can't believe how much he has grown. Sounds like you had a great day on the farm! The mid west is sure having a heck of a start to winter. Stay warm!