Saturday, December 28, 2013

Back On Up

Well, I managed to skip right on over the traditional "Christmas Party Overnighter."  This was Giddy-Up's first. I've lost track of how many for Bean and Bugg, but five I think.
Giddy-up went right to bed without a peep and slept till 7:00.  When he's here, he's too busy to sit down for a meal. Bean and Bugg are just not breakfast people.  So, in order to not impede play, I sat breakfast out in bowls for them to partake at will.  Some turkey sticks, cheese cubes, chex mix, oranges and grapes.

This boy was most excited to see it and exclaimed, " Breakfast, I love it."

Note his "not so Christmassy" jammies.  His cutest ones are hanging on the chair. Before bed he came to me patting his leg and saying, "I'm sweaty."  Hmm, not likely in my house in winter.  He apparently tipped over Bean's tea, then sat in it.  On went a summer shirt.
Missy Bugg got right to work on her new Lego set.  She managed it totally independently.

I loved Bean's interest in his new git-fiddle and he was already strumming, singing and having me look up lyrics.

 Giddy-up enjoyed his guitar as well, but also enjoyed making music with his forrest friends.
 I forgot the crackers at supper, but they were enjoyed just as much with breakfast.
Mustaches, crowns and lips were found inside.

Some exciting adoption news to come.

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  1. What a wonderful overnighter! Amazing how much all of them are growing! Time is going much to fast.