Thursday, January 3, 2013

Pictures Pictures Everywhere

I was so excited to get my first 35mm camera that did all the focusing for me.  I carried that camera everywhere.  SuZQ talks about how the pictures in the family album changed after I got that camera- for the better, thank you.  You often hear it talked about how the number of pictures get fewer and fewer with each child. That didn't happen in this house. I have a ridiculous number of pictures of all three of mine and everyone else too.
Do you recall, back in the day, having to send the pictures off and wait to get them back?  How much it cost if you wanted a 5 by 7 or a wallet size?  
One day, some 14 years after receiving that wonderful gift, it gave it up and couldn't be repaired.  To my knowledge that is the only material possession I ever cried over, and cry I did.  
Now it's so easy, but do you wonder what will ever happen to all these pictures we take on our computer, I-pad, I-phone, oh yeah, and with cameras?  I mean, gee. I take a ridiculous number of pictures.
Here are Bean and Bugg twirling those pinecones in peanut butter, Bean for the 8th year in a row.
 We sat down after the tree was re-decorated and looked at older pictures of the same event.
 I'm glad I have that option, because it surprises me sometimes how much of the things we've done that they've forgotten.
I couldn't have imagined, even when Bean was born and I still had a 35mm, how wallets would cease to be so important.  That brag books would be on the latest techno device.   The times just keep a changing, but Gramerly's tree still feeds the birds on New Year's Day every year.


  1. Hi. Something re similar happened at my house when I got my hands on my first digital camera. When I found out how easy it was to take a picture, manipulate and publish it, I was off and running. I back up all my pictures on a back up drive, but I worry about running out of memory on Google. Every time I upload pictures from my camera, I use Picasa and it seems that every picture I ever took in the last six or seven years is stored at least once or more in Google. I attempted to clean up the extras, but big blank spots appeared in my blog. Now I'm worried about corrupting the whole database. Anyway, that's my story about pictures and my worry about what will happen to them.

    1. It is a little unnerving. I have not backed up my pictures, and must do that very, very soon.

  2. I love that we are digital and like you I LOVE my camera. For Christmas I asked Santa for 2 things - this really awesome new Sigma lens and a new external backup drive for all my pictures! I am out of room everywhere! Santa couldn't afford the lens this year but I did get an awesome 2TB drive. I am already sleeping better!