Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mid Winter

Well, I guess it's midwinter.  The sun is shining and it is supposed to be 54 today.  A week ago Friday it was 70 degrees and Monday it is supposed to be 10. Between 70 and 10 we had a big snow and then ice and sleet, which I happened to be caught in. Ugh. My sinuses are driving me around the bend!!
Thankfully, I've only had one out with the flu so far.  I personally find that miraculous with 24 bodies in one small classroom, but I am grateful and pray for continued good health.

I scored a rice krispie treat snowman kit after Christmas for 75% off and the kidlets enjoyed making and painting their snowmen.
Oh my, that edible watercolor is a little scary.  They thought those blue and green tongues were the bomb.   
Look at that kitchen table.  Food, drinks, snacks, seed catalogs,  books and more books, and let's stack another book on top of that.  Yep, that's the way it always looks though I go through and sort and pitch all the time.

Aunt Lois took a little turn this past week and traumatized SuZQ and I for a bit there, but she is on the mend again, thank the Lord.
All things hospital instantly throw me back to Kaye days, which breaks my heart, in spite of anything I try to do to stop it.
What are you doing this midwinter?

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  1. Love the snowmen but really love those blue and green tongues! We have been just the opposite with our weather. It has been extremely cold for southern California but today -- ah today my sun is back and it is supposed to be 80 and the backyard is calling me!